Africana Rose Water NPC 250ml


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Natural pure 100%; Extracts from Water distillation of French rose petals; Free from Alcohol, parabens and any chemical or aromatic substances & Rich in Vitamin A & D & C & B3, contains many minerals such as Zn, contains many powerful antioxidants

Suitable for all skin types

Usage : As a natural toner for the skin
Due to its ability to contract the pores of the skin
It can be used as daily routine after washing ..morning and evening
Decrease acne Because of its ability to eliminate excess oils secretions on the skin,
which helps prevention of the accumulation of bacteria
Controls the acidity of the skin PH5.5 , which may be affected by the use of some types of soap or lotion
moisturizes and lightens the skin
Because it contains moisturizing elements that penetrate deeply onto the skin cells and improve its appearance
Suitable for sensitive skin
It does not cause redness or irritation to the skin slowing age
its ability to inhibit elastase and collagenase, which damage the skin during age
Helps to improve mood and reduce depression because of its fresh odor
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